Alfa O AND O Ventures Limited is a Nigerian company founded in 2005 with the goal of providing high-quality information technology solutions and business solutions, among other things.

Our dedicated teams have a distinct combination of functional and operational knowledge, technical expertise, and result-oriented management experience ranging from end-to-end IT implementation projects to software development.

Alfa O AND O strives to provide quality solutions to various business functions in order to create significant value and productivity gains for its clients.

We bring extensive experience in information technology, customer service, and global operations by combining our strategic thinking with the best in Technology, People, and Process on a continuous basis.

With a perfect blend of young and experienced IT professionals, the team benefits from being both dynamic and stable. Both of these benefits ensure that the organization will be adaptable enough to the rapidly changing world of information technology and will always be able to provide cutting-edge solutions.

Alfa O AND O Ventures Limited

Our Core Value

We have core values in today's workplace that we imbibe as guiding principles that define our personnel culture and mode of behavior.


In our professional lives, we practice and value integrity. We demonstrate our moral conduct in every decision we make, regardless of the project we are working on or the customer we are dealing with.


We take pride in offering high-quality products and services that we stand behind, ensuring customer satisfaction, profitability, the future of our employees, and our growth.


Our customer satisfaction value ensures that they receive a specific value from a product or service that they intend to purchase and that they feel satisfied after purchasing a product or using a service


Respecting one another at work facilitates the exchange of ideas on various problems and issues.This has resulted in more creative solutions and increased collaboration, allowing work to be completed more quickly and efficiently.


We share a belief system as a team, and we are committed to maintaining quality standards to help develop a positive environment for our employees, making it easier for them to perform at their best even when challenges arise.


Alfa O and O is comprised of a dynamic workforce with exceptional talent and seasoned professionals in the Oil & Gas industries, whose knowledge and passion for excellence are supported by cutting-edge technology, qualitative, integrity, and excellence innovative skills that we like to refer to as our strength.This is consistent with our mission of recruiting, retaining, and rewarding a high-performing workforce.

This hardworking, and result-oriented workforce is managed and controlled by a highly competent management team with extensive experience in the IT industry, giving our company a competitive advantage in terms of productivity and service delivery to our shareholders and clients.

We have a qualified system in place for accessing key skills and experience to ensure that our employees and consultants have significant and relevant experience for the job at hand. To ensure our team's continuous professional development, the company devotes significant resources to a variety of unique training and development programs.

Creating an environment that encourages professionalism, integrity, and innovation has resulted in a more productive team.


ALFA O AND O VENTURES LIMITED recognizes that QUALITY OF SERVICES and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION are very vital to business success and growth. Quality and success go together. Error-free work BUILDS our reputation, ATTRACTS business and PROTECTS our future.

We will always strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. That is our answer to business competition. Our Business Future Depends on Quality Today.

It is therefore an absolute requirement and fundamental responsibility of each and every Alfa O and O employee to continually strive for Quality Service.


It is the Policy of Alfa O and O ventures to conduct its business in a manner that is consistent with applicable safety and environmental regulations that safeguards the life and health of our employees and those of our clients.

Alfa O and O will also at the same time protect its properties and that of our clients, while preserving the environment in which we work. These objectives are achieved through planned education of our employees in safety matters, regular safety meetings and audits with our staff and clients, and the outfitting of our vehicles, equipment and facility in a manner that stresses safety as our number one priority.

It is our belief that all accidents are preventable, and this goal of NO ACCIDENTS can be achieved through the use of proper planning, education, procedures and equipment that places Safety as Alfa O and O number one objective.

Our Offices Location

That has very much been the secret of our consistent success over the years. Below are a few steps of the process that we follow.

Lagos Office

26/28 Nzok Ugbizi Avenue Km 49, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Opposite Lagos Business School, Ajah-Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

Benin Office

5 Ramiah Ikhanaede, Avenue PZ road, Off Sapele Road, Benin City. Edo State .

Houston Office

810 Highway 6 S. Suite 248 Houston TX. 77079.

Abuja Office

Plot 247 Herbert Macaulay Way Central Business District, 900211 Abuja, Nigeria .

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