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Asset tracking

Alfa O&O Networks asset tracking and management can make sense in several situations. On the one hand, it plays a major role regarding safety, i.e. for patients in high-risk categories and for the evacuation of employees from large company premises. On the other, it helps with the optimization of work processes, e.g. when a sales employee needs to be found at an extensive trade show stand or when optimizing walking routes is the goal.
IT asset management tool SimplyAsset gives you increased visibility and control of your IT assets throughout their life cycle, from start to finish.
IT asset management tool SimplyAsset helps you optimize the use of your assets, reduce costs, provide better quality service, a guaranteed return on investment for your company on your IT infrastructure.
Reasons to use our IT asset management tool

  • Locating patients in a hospital (e.g. persons suffering from dementia)
  • Virtual waiting room: Triage nurses equip patients with beacons (e.g. wristbands) and are thus able to plan more efficiently.
  • Checking whether or not the hygiene rules have been followed in a hospital
  • Locating persons for improved utilization planning or at large trade show stands
  • Safety applications: Registering and locating employees in case of evacuation
  • Measuring visitor flows in shopping centers, airports, train stations, trade shows and events
  • Analyzing walking routes for defining process optimizations
  • facility management and third-party companies
  • Asset management tool easy to implement
  • CMDB Management according to ITIL standards
  • Identify and manage all your IT asset management tool
  • Manage your assets' physical locations and user allocation
  • Manage lifecycles, costs, warranties, contracts and fixed assets
  • IT asset management software management and license compliance
  • Proactive alerts and relevant statistics for the IT infrastructure
  • Locating forklifts, industrial trucks, robots and other work equipment
  • Locating mobile goods such as pallets, production parts and containers
  • Real time information on the dynamic locations of work equipment and goods incl. visualization on the site map
  • Locating mobile medical devices such as transportable x-ray equipment, hospital beds, gas canisters, etc.
  • Notifying the control system regarding the unauthorized movement of goods (anti-theft protection)
  • Analyzing driving routes for defining process optimizations
  • Supporting facility management and third-party companies