AlfaO&O Networks Business Solutions

Internet service provider

Much like satellite TV, our satellite Internet comes directly to your remote location through a signal from satellites in space that are in geostationary orbit. The connection is established via VSAT terminal that transmits a signal to our ground station via geostationary satellite. Because of this, there is no worry over phone lines or landlines.

Alfa O&O Network's satellite Internet services deliver full Internet access to any place in the world. Whether you have a company or organization with operations worldwide, a military FOB, a remote hospital or a science mission far from services, our satellite Internet for business is a perfect solution to providing you with Internet connection and continual access to all aspects of your business or operation.

Our modern satellite Internet offers services to support data, voice, and video applications. They are ideal for distance learning, disaster recovery, government, Internet cafe businesses, embassies, hotels, maritime transportation, banking and even mission-critical military applications. This new satellite Internet access is designed is to keep you connected to your corporate network, field agents, and operators.