AlfaO&O Networks Business Solutions

Vehicle & Visitors Management System

Flexible and scalable from single to multiple site deployment
Professional vehicle and visitor management will not only impress your visitors but also save your employees time and make sure that you never lose sight of your company's security no matter who your visitors are.
Alfa O&O Networks digitally checks in and out vehicle/visitors in any situation, whether be it a business premise, gated community or government building. When needing to hunt for specific records, it provides an easy query function to locate the exact entry needed. Beyond its tracking capabilities, Alfa O&O Networks also allows users to create professional ID badges and tags.
Roles & Functions of Automated Visitor & Vehicle Management System
A vehicle and visitor management system is able to play a wide range of security roles, such as anti-terrorism, proper identification, and monitoring of visitor and miscellaneous administrative purposes such as personal time attendance monitoring. The design of the vehicle and visitor management product solution is perfect for virtually any business and place that has vehicle/visitor management needs, such as hospitals, universities, and corporate work offices. The purpose and advantages include the following:
1. Making the recording and tracking of key visitor personal information record as seamless, secure, easy and convenient as possible during the visitor check in process
2. Provide an autonomous visitor management solution, either through an iPad visitor management system or a standalone visitor management kiosk.
3. Providing the front desk security staff maximum situational site access control and awareness
4. Visitor vehicle registration and access control via car number plate identification and registration.
5. Eliminate reliance on unproductive manual paperwork and man power intensive workflow processes
6. Accurately generate relevant and comprehensive visitor reports in real-time
7. Provide administrative and operational support for emergency evacuations