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Data centre design
Every project begins with us fully understanding your specific requirements, and constraints. Alfa O and O can design data centers to meet the specific needs of a company. Alfa O and O incorporate the following standards into data center projects to create a platform of best practices.

  • Conceptual Design;
  • Layout And Space Planning;
  • Building Construction Requirements;
  • Physical Security Issues;
  • Building Internals (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing And Fire Systems);
  • Operations And Workflows; And
  • Maintenance.

Data centre construction.
The data center construction process, like many complex processes, begins with planning. A secure data center cannot be built just anywhere, and any data center construction project will be governed by numerous concerns. Alfa O and O collaborate with clients to expedite the construction of a new facility. We can collaborate with outside contractors to keep your data center build within budget while meeting your exact design specifications.
Data centre implementation.
Alfa O and O Data Center Implementation Services include the planning, installation, testing, and handover of an IT framework within a server farm, PC room, worker room, or organization tasks center (NOC) office. The design of a server farm is based on the organization of processing and capacity assets that enable the delivery of shared applications and information. A server farm configuration must include switches, switches, firewalls, stockpiling frameworks, workers, and application-conveyance regulators. We have the experience and expertise to design data centers that are tailored to your specific requirements.
Data centre management
The strength of the planning, process design, and implementation determines the success of any data center project. The multi-discipline nature of the procedure necessitates strict coordination whether you are designing and building a new data center or refitting, consolidating, or migrating an existing facility. The connectivity of all work and tasks, as well as their completion in the correct order, expedites the project and guarantee that the budget does not increase. Our clients gain access to project managers with extensive experience and expertise in this area by outsourcing data center project management to Alfa O and O.

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