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Today, converged infrastructure aims to unify powerful data center resources and introduces new levels of economics for the business. Converged systems are powerful platforms that have taken the industry by storm when introduced. With built-in automation, high-density architecture, and high-performance chasis, converged systems help architect a very roburst cloud and storage environment.
Alfa O and O is fully experienced, qualified, registered, licensed, equipped, and organized to deploy hyperconverged infrastructure. Hyper-converged infrastruture deploy by Alfa O and O will allow for the centralized use of applications, softwares and storage that will support the effort to maintain our client’s vision.
The deployment of hyperconverged infrastructure by Alfa O and O includes

  • The configuration and delivery of a DELL/EMC VXRAIL5000 V570F Hybrid V570F All Flash system comprised of Landmark Earth Appliance 3D and Landmark Earth Appliance 2D Nodes, as well as an expanded 50TB + Isilon Storage.
  • Provision of VDX48P(40GBE ISL)GPUs and infrastructure.

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