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Through its maintenance and support services, Alfa O and O provides benefits and value for network infrastructure(Structured cabling and active devices) in a variety of tangible and intangible ways.
Network Performance Optimization: To keep the network operating at its optimum using such techniques as network filtering, quality of services and packet shaping (QoSPS), Protocol acceleration and out of band management.

Structured cabling support services: Alfa O and O rapid response team will attend to and resolve network issues pertaining to strutured cabling, thus ensuring continuous access to data and resources on NAPIMS network

Active Devices Support Services: Alfa O and O rapid response team will attend to and resolve issues pertaining to active devices and components.

Active Devices Managed Services: The managed services enables the OEM to provide certain activities such as license provisioning.

Scheduled Maintenance: On monthly basis, the following functions will be performed including planned replacement of components designed around reliability.

  • Check manufacturer’s information
  • Check accepted industry best practices
  • Perform specific network components diagnostics
  • Maintain equipment service records
  • Schedule replacement of components at the end of their useful service life
  • Acquire and maintain inventories of Least reliable components and Critical components
  • Replace service -prone equipment /component with more reliable performers.

Helpdesk and On-site IT Support

Alfa O & O successfully deployed a host of network infrastructures consisting of structured cabling, numerous active network devices, desktop computer and support system such as public address system (PAS). These set of infrastructures form the backbone of organizations’ local area network that is responsible for transporting all data, voice, and video traffic over various copper and fiber optic media to desired endpoints in your enterprise and beyond. As a result, the network must operate at its finest, and always be available with no room for downtime; and the maintenance service program we provide does just that .
Through our maintenance and support services we will provide qualitative services to support existing and future infrastructure deployments in a manner that is cost-effective, in line with best practice and meet or exceeds Client’s expectations. This value proposition is the result of our intimate knowledge of the intricacies of the deployed equipment and components that will enable our rapid response team to resolve network issues quickly and efficiently before they become major problems.
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