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When critical data and application servers fail, the entire organization suffers. If your servers are the IT infrastructure's brain, the network is the rest of the nervous system. It makes no difference how well your servers perform if there are network issues. Poor network performance lowers productivity and irritates employees.
Alfa O and O provides proactive managed services that keep your servers and network running at peak efficiency, with superior performance, security, and reliability — all at a low cost.

  • Server Health Monitoring
  • Analysis of Bandwidth
  • Control Anti-Virus Control Anti-Spyware
  • Event Logs for Network Protection Hardware Utilization

Installing updates and performing scheduled server maintenance will help prevent business interruptions and ensure the safety of your company's sensitive information and data.
Regardless of your configuration, we will ensure that all of your employees have the access and applications they require to perform at their best. We are responsible for the performance, availability, and security of your network.
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