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Quality Assurance/Quality Control

It is critical to ensure that quality, scheduling, and cost requirements are met at each stage of an industrial project (iniciation, design, development, implementation and sign off). We combined quality assurance and quality control at Alfa O and O to provide a comprehensive quality management solution for all projects. This ensures that their internal operations and procedures are compliant with internationally recognized Quality Management Systems.
This is accomplished by assisting our clients in developing, launching, and revising a Project Quality Manual that outlines the quality procedures required during each phase of the project, as well as supervising contractors' and subcontractors' adherence to this quality plan to ensure they meet the requirements.
Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) services can be implemented in any sector and at any stage of a project, including electric power and generation, oil and gas, chemical, and civil engineering. Our QA/QC services are focused on the following areas:
Project Quality
Creating a Project Quality Manual that includes procedures and flowcharts. Once the manual is established, it is expanded to include second- and third-tier documentation covering all aspects of the operations.
Development of a Project Quality Plan, audit schedule, and appropriate data packages, including advice on their suitability for project control. Maintaining the project's non-conformance register, issuing non-conformance reports (NCRs), and following up on corrective action and closure.
Procurement Quality
Auditing and monitoring activities at the vendor's facilities/works while equipment or modules are being manufactured to ensure compliance with the required code, standard, or project specification.
Compliance with approved Project Quality Plans is monitored and can include mechanical and electrical packages. Target Customers
Our Quality Management services for businesses include sectors such as power, gas, oil, and chemical, as well as engineering/industrial firms that want to ensure the overall success of their projects.
Any project where the owner wishes to protect their investment can benefit from QA/QC services. The services can be implemented at any point in the project's life cycle.

Customers Benefits
Alfa O and O quality assurance and quality control services include:

  • Ensure that our clients' quality, environmental, and health and safety specifications are met at all stages of a project.
  • Provide an independent entity to evaluate quality
  • Improve customer satisfaction among our clients' customers through more consistent product and service delivery (design control, purchasing, process control, handling/storage, and servicing).
  • Increase customer satisfaction among our clients' customers as a result of fewer product and service problems (inspection and testing, inspection and test equipment, control of non-conforming material, etc.)
  • Reduce project costs during execution
  • Make certain that the project is well documented.
  • Ensure that contractual quality requirements are met.
  • Reduce delays in the execution of various stages of a project.

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