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Alfa O&O Ventures has experience in deploying and servicing telecommunications infrastructure and systems. For example, we have deployed burstable shared iDirect telecommunication network solution consisting of dual streams for Nigeria and Gas Company (NGC). We have provided maintenance service for system including the microwaves, radios, rectifiers, cables, and software. Stream one is our DE1 network is complete with an iDirect Hub that supports the entire network. The DE1 network leverages iDirect Broadband Services and is capable of supporting.

iSCPC, DVB-S2/SCPC, Managed Private Networks and VNOs. The DE1 network is based on the latest iDirect Evolution platform.
Stream 2 is our SE1 enterprise/commercial grade ‘secure’ network. The entire teleport infrastructure was designed from the ground up to support NGC enterprise level clients. The SE1 network is kept on a stable version of the iDirect software version in order to guarantee maximum uptime.

The deployment supports internet and video usage for the required amount of users in addition it also provides support for VOIP calls. The dual streams provide the redundancy and stability needed to maintain a 99.5% uptime guarantee, providing world class bandwidth management at all our sites. The figure below depicts the network architecture hub at NGC headquarters in Warri and connectivity to the western region substations.

The design plan ensures HQ Warri is the centre hub that is able to manage all branch offices (remote site) node via VSAT technology and Microwave Radio transmission. The hub was design/developed with the aim of all branch offices delivers activities and get resources across the business network.

It was developed with some network devices for the provision of intranet and internet that will enable data, voice and video conferencing within and across branch offices and cooperate headquarters. The network devices that provides the intranet and internet connection at this site location comprises of the following:
Network Device

  • A. VSAT Technology
  • B. Satellite DVBS2 Demodulator (Work Microwave)
  • C. Cisco Router
  • D. Cisco Switch
  • E. FatPipe Wrap
  • F. EtherFlex Microwave Radio
  • G. Link Activation Details
  • H. Network Diagram Design
  • I. Device/Configuration Parameter
  • J. XipLink (Future Technology)

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