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With the increasing prevalence of remote work and distributed teams, there is a growing demand for teleconferencing systems that offer high-quality audio and video, as well as collaboration features such as screen sharing, whiteboarding, and chat. Our teleconferencing system aims to meet these needs by providing a user-friendly software ecosystem, scalable, and secure platform that can be used across a range of devices and networks, utilizing the Viewsonic IFP 70 Series to enable remote collaboration and communication for individuals and teams in multiple locations.

Alfa O and O Ventures specializes in providing and implementing high-quality boardroom and meeting solutions that have been successfully deployed for a variety of clients.

We expertly configure, commission, and integrate meeting rooms, conferencing, and collaboration infrastructures, among other services, to align with your corporate networks and deliver on your vision, using our expertise and proficiency.

Our service to NEPL, NAPIMS, and other clients demonstrates our unrivaled track record in this area.
We provide cutting-edge conference solutions to our clients that are not only cost-effective but also in line with global standards and best practices, meeting and even exceeding expectations.

System components
The various system components are categorized as follows: the smart IFP screen and its accessories, the camera/sound and audio setup along with its accessories, the room signage, and Table display enhancement. Together, these components form a comprehensive meeting solution for active devices. Additional requirements such as customized conferencing tables and chairs, sound acoustics, room lighting, and overall aesthetics may also be necessary to create a seamless collaboration experience.
Our summarized scope of this service is as follows:

  • Purchases of conferencing equipment
  • Installation, configuration, and Integration in corporate network
  • Provision of high level and equipment level design drawings, as-built documentation for all interconnected devices
  • Capacity Development
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Alfa O and O Ventures Limited is the leading distributor of ViewSonic equipment in West Africa, providing a one-stop-shop for all ViewSonic equipment needs. Our technicians and engineers are highly trained by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to deliver exceptional value-added services on ViewSonic equipment. We offer a full range of services, including installation, configuration, integration, repair, and maintenance, and our service team is available 24/7 to ensure maximum uptime and satisfaction for our clients.

As an authorized partner and sole distributor of ViewSonic equipment, our clients are entitled to OEM warranty and after-sales support services on every purchase. This guarantees uncompromised technical assistance and repairs from our approved OEM Service Centre. Partnering with Alfa O and O ensures that there is no loss of time in the usage of any ViewSonic equipment, as our provision of stopgap services guarantees seamless continuity of operations.

We pride ourselves on our efficient delivery process for ViewSonic equipment, thanks to our well-stocked warehouses in Benin and Lagos that contain a wide range of ViewSonic equipment brands. This enables us to fulfill orders promptly and ensure timely delivery to our clients.

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The Logitech Rally is a complete system that includes a high-quality PTZ camera, speakers, and a modular microphone system, making it ideal for large conference rooms and meeting rooms.

Integrating Logitech Rally with the IFP70 series screen improves the Logitech Rally video conferencing solution and allows users to take advantage of its impressive features. The Logitech Rally provides a seamless video conferencing experience with exceptional audio and video quality thanks to its central hub that connects all components.

This digital room booking solution simplifies the booking process for meeting rooms and shared spaces, providing features for managing room bookings, monitoring space usage, and optimizing resource allocation. Some of the key features of the Onelan Reserva-Edge-10t-W include:

Touch Screen Display: The Onelan Reserva-Edge-10t-W features a touch screen display that allows users to book rooms, view upcoming meetings, and access other relevant information with ease.

Room Availability Display: The system provides a clear view of room availability, making it easy to find an available space for your meeting.

Real-Time Updates: The Onelan Reserva-Edge-10t-W is designed to provide real-time updates on room availability, making it easy to manage last-minute changes and cancellations.

Customizable Booking Rules: The system allows administrators to set customizable booking rules, such as maximum booking times and minimum lead times, to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently.

Integration with Calendar Systems: The Onelan Reserva-Edge-10t-W integrates seamlessly with popular calendar systems like Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar, making it easy to manage bookings and avoid scheduling conflicts. Analytics and Reporting: The system provides detailed analytics and reporting on room usage, allowing administrators to identify trends and optimize resource allocation.

Room Management: The Onelan Reserva-Edge-10t-W also includes features for managing room resources, such as equipment and seating arrangements, making it easy to customize the space to meet the needs of specific meetings.

Having adequate lighting in conference rooms is essential as it can have a significant effect on the participants' overall mood, productivity, and comfort. We suggest using the Crestion automated lighting system, which not only assists with lighting but also includes advanced features to conserve energy.

Eliminating room echo is crucial for optimal sound quality, particularly in meeting rooms. Given this understanding, we have made it a top priority to address this issue in our design process, To achieve this, we have incorporated well-planned sound acoustics in our designs to effectively minimize the negative impact of echo on sound quality. Some of the benefits are.

Improved sound quality: By minimizing the negative impact of echo, sound quality is enhanced, allowing for clearer and more effective communication during meetings.

Increased productivity: better sound quality reduces the likelihood of miscommunication or misunderstandings, which can lead to more efficient and effective meetings.

Enhanced user experience: Meeting participants are likely to have a more positive experience when they can hear and understand each other clearly, leading to increased engagement and participation.

Professional image: A well-designed meeting room with good sound acoustics can reflect positively on a business or organization, projecting a professional and polished image to clients, partners, and visitors.

Versatility: Good sound acoustics in a meeting room can also make it more versatile, enabling it to be used for a variety of purposes, such as video conferencing, presentations, and training sessions, without compromising sound quality. In addition, acoustics also add beauty to the meeting room.