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What exactly are V and VMS?
The visitor and vehicle management system that we deploy assists in managing visitor and vehicle parking and ensuring the security points have full control of the premise with the visitor and vehicle data that is made available to the security staff via the RFID system enabled at the premise to read the visitor and vehicle data upon entry and exit.
A successful V&VMS guarantees:

  • Keeping digital records
  • Three-factor authentication
  • Improved visitor satisfaction as a result of easy entry and exit from the premises
Benefits of Visitor and Vehicle Management Solution (V&VMS):
Our strategy is based on collaborating with business leaders to identify their true needs and then determining which technological systems are required to achieve the desired results. We collaborate closely with our clients in the following areas:
  • Our V&VMS systems can be used in multi-tiered systems with numerous security or checkpoints
  • Only authorized or verified visitors and vehicles are permitted entry.
  • Time stamping entry and exit
  • Control of visitor and vehicle parking
  • Secure against intrusion or unauthorized entry into the premises
  • The safety and security of those who live or work in the premises.
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